¢ 2

Per Word
  • Grammar—fragments, run-ons, tense shifts, agreement issues
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Basic sentence structure and clarity
  • More Information

Line Edit

¢ 3

Per Word
  • Proofreading plus…
  • Word choice
  • Repetition
  • Inconsistencies
  • Point of View
  • Sensory Details
  • Word flow and general narrative pacing at the sentence level
  • Sections that would benefit from a rewrite
  • More Information

Structural EditMost Popular

¢ 4

Per Word
  • Proofreading & Line Edit plus…
  • Plot holes
  • Internal consistency
  • Overall structure and chapter structure
  • Transitions between chapters
  • Wordiness
  • Pacing
  • More Information

Substantive Edit

¢ 5

Per Word
  • Includes all packages plus…
  • Character goals, motivations, and change
  • Internal and external conflict
  • Setting as a character
  • Dramatic tension
  • Theme
  • Identifying any missing elements
  • Sub text
  • Emotional impact on the reader
  • Final read through included
  • More Information

What Clients Say

As a reader, she gave me advice, perspectives, and encouragement that have made my writing considerably better. I give her an ‘A.’

Brian Bennet, author of A Knight in a Daze and Miracle Man.

If you need a true professional to proofread and copyedit your writing, I recommend you speak with Sharon.

Brent Benton, author of The Extraordinary Adventures of Ralph the Inquisitive Bear and The Bell Singers.

Not only does she have a mastery of the technical aspects of writing, but also of the rhythm, rhyme and meter that I use in my pieces.

Sharon Thayer, author of If You Tell Me, I Can Fly, and The Myth of Santa’s Beard.

Her insight and suggestions were extremely helpful...She was also very responsive and professional. I highly recommend her services.

Patricia Prado, Co-Author of Money, Murder and Charm

Sharon's eye for the smallest details transforms your manuscript into the creation you dreamed it could be.

Greg Sparks, author of Fire from Heaven, Redemption, and Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs.